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Welcome to Solvenet Automation Solutions

P. G. Solvenet Services Ltd. designs leading edge automation system solutions. Solvenet's consulting services help you plan custom systems for every need and every building. At the same time close association with your architects and involved professionals is always necessary. We will undertake the integration, proof testing and commissioning of your project readily supporting you for any operation and future upgrade needs.

Solvenet makes sure that you enjoy more than the convenience and luxurious comfort our systems provide. Being conscious of energy costs nowadays, Solvenet designs building automation systems to be effective in reducing both energy and environmental costs, and concurrently securing a return on investment. Nevertheless we take your premises a step closer to green technology.

When Solvenet automates your interior, exterior and natural lighting systems you initially discover the gain of energy efficiency in consumption and expenditure. As we incorporate your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-conditioning) forming an eco-system of interoperable devices, you can apprehend your gain from our automation systems.

It does not have to stop there, as your imagination can become alive. Audio and Video systems will also be integrated into your automation system forming collateral effects with your security and safety systems. You add true value to your property when operating an intelligent building. A single platform offered by Solvenet can transform ideas from theory and concept to total fabrication of a reliable system.

We achieve this by leveraging our partnerships with pioneers and well established technology manufacturers. With our knowledge and experienced engineers, we differ by achieving high standards of excellence. We cautiously design sophisticated systems, making them user friendly and easy to operate. Your main system is tailored onto front end devices pleasing to the eye. These show case a variety of modern design LCD touch screens, keypads as well as remote control from devices such as the i-phone, i-pad and your android.

Our devices operate under the KNX protocol, possibly the world's only truly open protocol endorsed by worldwide standards. KNX was formerly known as EIB (European Installation Bus) and is regulated by the KNX Association of Brussels. As of May 2012 KNX Association has over 270 members/manufacturers from 33 countries. Hence interoperability with any brand supporting KNX protocol gives you access to endless options for today and tomorrow.

No need to imagine it, we can make it happen for you at home, at work and even on the go.

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